June 23-27, 2014

Richard Thompson’s Frets & Refrains

Music Masters Camps At Full Moon Resort

Big Indian, NY, USA

Dear friends,

PLittkyRTWow! Our third year of Frets and Refrains! This has been such a great success, and I’m so proud of what we have achieved so far, that I would not hesitate to recommend this camp to anyone interested in furthering their skills in acoustic guitar, songwriting, and singing. We have the best teachers! The most idyllic location! The best food! What is there not to love?

We welcome to our teaching staff this year the wonderful Darden Smith, not only a fine singer/songwriter, but also a very experienced teacher in many different situations.

Returning will be Shawn Colvin, Martin Simpson, Sloan Wainwright, Happy Traum, Simon Tassano, Bobby Eichorn, Jack Thompson and Zak Hobbs. For fuller information on class content, please see the Itinerary/Course descriptions page.

I do hope we’ll see you at the Full Moon Resort,

Best wishes,

Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson’s Acoustic Guitar & Songwriting Camp

The Frets and Refrains camp will feature master guitar classes by Richard, along with classes in songwriting by Richard Thompson, Darden Smith and Shawn Colvin, and in acoustic guitar by British master Martin Simpson as well as guitarist/performer/teacher Happy Traum. Sloan Wainwright will offer singing classes for both proficient singers, and those who would like to be. Simon Tassano will do a specialty workshop in sound production and Bobby Eichorn will hold a workshop in guitar maintenance as well teach Beginning Guitar class.

Classes are for all ages and all levels – in a fun, relaxing, camp environment! Each night there will be music films, prescheduled Open Mic in the performance space and jamming under the stars!

Camp tuition is per person and includes 4 nights lodging, all meals, instruction and activities at the camp.Attendance at Frets & Refrains is limited, so register soon!